Ancient organic tea from Vietnam

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"Relish your moment of inner peace and obtain sheer happiness by discovering our heritage: the pureness of our precious Fin Ho tea."

Fin Ho Black tea

Black tea

Fin Ho Black tea is produced from leaves with a young bud and 2-3 leaves per stem. Fin Ho Black tea is full of golden tips and produces a rich red liquid with a delicate chocolate taste. The flavour is very smooth and sweet on its own. Fin Ho Black tea is recommended as an excellent start to the day and the tea is also perfect to be served as afternoon tea.

Fin Ho Black tea

Red tea

Fin Ho Red tea is made from large, high quality tea leaves. The dried tea consist of beautiful, large, golden buds and dark leaves. The infused leaves unfurl and have a slight red tinge to them. They emit a chocolate aroma with a hint of malt. Fin Ho Red tea is a pleasure to drink at any time of the day. Fin Ho Red tea also comes in Red tea with honey flavour.

Fin Ho Black tea

Green tea

Fin Ho Green tea or Snow Shan tea is produced from fresh tea leaves with only 1 bud and 1-3 leaves per stem. When spring comes the buds are covered with a soft layer of white down. This is the reason people call it Snow Shan Tea. Once brewed, Fin Ho Green tea has a clear green color, softened by a golden shade of wild honey. Fin Ho Green tea also comes in Green tea with Oolong flavour.

Fin Ho Black tea

Pai Hao tea

Pai Hao tea is only produced from tea leafs harvested in the spring. This harvest is called the first-flush tea and has only 1 bud and 1 leaf per stem. Tea leaves are harvested early in the morning after a continuous period of cool and dry weather for at least 3 days prior the harvest. Pai Hao tea is best brewed in hot water at 75-80°C. Pai Hao tea is a pinnacle of elegance.

Fin Ho farmers harvesting tea
Fin Ho farmers walking in the ancient tea fields

A unique cooperation

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Our Fin Ho business is specialized in ancient organic tea and is shaped from a unique cooperative formed by the Red Dzao people. Our Fin Ho cooperative was founded with the philosophy to bring our organic tea to everybody with a love for special made tea and by doing this improving the livelihood of the Red Dzao community and other ethnic minority tea producers in Vietnam.

Fin Ho generations of farmers

Farming for generations

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The Red Dzao community of Fin Ho consists currently of 45 families and they live in small and peaceful villages in the upper highlands of Ha Giang province. The Red Dzao is an ethnic minority group in Vietnam. Ha Giang province lies around 300 km from Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. Growing tea is part of life for the families and they learned how to grow, harvest and produce their precious tea from generation to generation. The Red Dzao people believe their tea is a precious natural medicine, as tea can be used as a way to detox; prevent heart diseases, arthritis and reduce risk of getting cancer.

Fin Ho farmers picking ancient tea leafs

Premium quality tea

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Our tea is Camellia Sinensis var. Assamica, a broad leaf variety. The tea trees are over 100 years old and grow in healthy climatic conditions and in rich soil on the slopes of the mountain. These ancient tea fields lie at an altitude of 1.000 m and higher where the humidity and sun soften the leaves and increase the proportion of amino acids, polyphenols and antioxidants.The harvest takes place 3 - 4 times per year during which the tea is carefully handpicked and processed by the Red Dzao families. The time of harvest has a major influence on the characteristics of each batch. The first flush of spring provides the best tea of the year. Green tea, White tea, Red tea, and Black tea are all harvested from the same tree, but are processed differently to attain varying levels of oxidation.

Organic ancient tea

Organic & Fair Trade

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Fin Ho cooperates with the Red Dzao families to grow the best quality tea leafs and to harvest and process the tea efficiently with the guidance of Vietnamese and international expertise. Fin Ho tea meets global standard of Fair Trade and Organic certification; ensuring our love and respect for the Red Dzao community and our dedication to grow premium quality tea with unique flavours.

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The tea growers of Fin Ho

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A gift from the mountain

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