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                Walton Smart Solutionsoffers a full consultancy service to customers. We understand that when making decisions you need to have all the information available to ensure that you reach the desired outcome.

                Working with Walton Smart Solutions at the specification and pre planning stages of a project enables us to gain a full understanding of the outcomes you are trying to achieve. We understand the best and most cost effective methods to get you there; it is what we have done successfully for over two decades.

                We have vast experience working with architects, building contractors, interior designers, M&E contractors and other disciplines to ensure you get the very best value for your investment.

                We offer consultancy as either a standalone service, or as part of the project we have been instructed to undertake.


                Elements we consider during consultancy:

                Who the customer is

                What is the equipment being used for

                Who is using the equipment?

                What is the size of the room and requirements?

                Room design and flexibility – is AV to be static or moveable?

                What is the existing infrastructure; equipment, wiring etc.

                Screen sizes/positions for optimum viewing by audience

                What are the ambient conditions of the room, taking into account natural and artificial light

                What are the audio requirements?

                Acoustic performance – this needs to be considered where privacy is pivotal

                Ventilation of AV systems, natural and artificial