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                                        Interactive technology allows for the physical interaction between a student or teacher and a PC or Tablet program. Ideally suited to the classroom, interactive products are the "must have" in the modern collaborative environment.

                                        Benefits of Interactive Technology

                                        Enhances the learning experience

                                        Engages all students

                                        At Walton Smart Solutions, we work with some of the leading manufacturers such as ………, Hitachi and Panasonic to allow us to select the right technology for you.

                                        Choosing  a Display - This will generally be determined by the size and budget and would fall into one of two categories:

                                        Projector & Interactive Whiteboard - Generally a more cost effective solution, whiteboards are available in sizes from 63" to 94" diagonal. They are supplied with collaborative learning software, which helps you create, deliver and manage high-impact interactive lessons. Combined with a range of projector solutions including ceiling mounted or wall-mounted ultra-short throw options, we can tailor make a solution to meet with every need.

                                        Large format interactive display - For the ultimate interactive experience choose from our range of large format interactive displays. Sizes range from 46" to 80" and are available in Plasma, LCD and LED versions. An optional anti-reflective display is available for no extra charge. All displays boast a 1080p Full-HD resolution and include built in speakers and a full range of connectivity. 3-years on-site warranty is standard.

                                        Choosing the Accessories - Complement your interactive display device with an add-on such as a visualiser or an interactive response system. Incorporating live images into your lessons bring subjects to life and response systems can be used to evaluate your pupils understanding and progress.


                                        Making the Right Choice – Walton Smart Solutions are able to provide the complete solution. Demonstrations are available on request and we offer a full installation & commissioning service. We will advise you accordingly providing a best-in-class solution to meet with your needs.