1. Solutions/Products

        The classroom forms the heart of teaching. It is here that most lessons take place and where the teacher is able to capture the minds of pupils. Students and teachers can benefit immensely from interactive audio visual solutions, helping to improve collaboration and engagement.

        The chalk and pen writing boards have now been replaced by the interactive board and multimedia projector. These technologies work in tandem to bring to life the PC and engage the students on a visual and intellectual level. Interactive displays are becoming increasingly popular and more affordable; bringing the iPad multi-touch revolution in to the classroom. Combined with equipment such as visualisers, voting systems and voice reinforcement, audio visual solutions have never been so dominant in the classroom.


        Technology has not only changed the way we teach but also the way we learn. The teaching room is now the learning space and the old chalk board has been replaced by interactive technologies which engage the very latest of technological revolutions. Teachers can deliver lessons via interactive display screens, which interact directly with a student's mobile tablet or smartphone. Questions can be answered not by raising a hand but by pressing a keypad. Information does not come directly from a book, but from a PC screen, using augmented reality to bring the information to life and put it in to the context of a modern world.