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                  The ICT suite has not suffered in terms of technology previously as other classrooms have; however, it is a hard space to manage. How does the teacher ensure that all children are on with the task at hand? Showing them at the front and then asking them to repeat the action is no longer acceptable, a more interactive method of teaching needs to be adapted.

                  Utilising Interactive Screens or projectors, from which the content also appears on individual monitors allows for student inclusion and collaboration. Classroom management software lets you view student screens on your computer desktop, making it easy to monitor their activities and provide guidance and support throughout the lesson. With products such as voting and interactive systems, you can interact with your students as a group or individually to keep them engaged and focused.

                  Voting systems allows the teacher to engage with all students, allowing them to build up a picture of each and every student and the progress they are making. Choices can then be made as to which student requires assistance and in what areas.