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      • Solutions/Products

        Ideal for sports arenas, digital signage, retail promotions and points of information, increasingly audio visual equipment is being used in the external environment.

        The main benefits are

        1. Using multimedia gives messages a greater impact

        2. More information in a limited area

        3. Information can be changed instantly

        Walton Smart Solutions work with some of the leading suppliers such as Panasonic, Bose and ………. to provide you with the best possible outdoor solution.

        Choosing the Equipment – Depending on the application and the message, Walton Smart Solutions can offer a range of projectors, display screens and audio equipment. From IP 65 rated LCD screens to transparent interactive touchfoils mounted on to the surface of a shop window, Walton Smart Solutions can help you make the right choice.

        Choosing the Event – We can deliver it all; the audio, the lights, the stage and the vision. From a permanent installation to a specific live event, Walton Smart Solutions has the expertise to make things happen.

        Making the Right Choice – Walton Smart Solutions are able to provide the complete solution from concept and design to a complete managed installation support service. We provide a sales and corporate events hire solution. When you want the correct outdoor solution you know you are in safe hands with us because it's what we do best.