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            1. TECHNOLOGY

              At Walton Smart Solutions we can design your sound system from a basic two channel setup to full surround system providing both program and voice reinforcement. We work with some of the leading manufacturers such as A-Part, Bose, Revolabs and Sennheiser to allow us to select the right technology for you.

              Choosing the Sound - Walton Smart Solutions know the factors to take into account when choosing audio products and designing systems. Using the most advanced systems, vast technical knowledge and computer modelling software we are able to map the sound pre-installation, giving you confidence and re-assurance that we will achieve your desired results.

              Choosing the Location - Regardless of your applications, we take into account a wide range of factors before building an audio system. We look at the size of venue, the target audience and the materials used in the venue. We consider the message you wish to deliver before making our recommendations.

              Choosing the Program Sound – This refers to the audio delivered from a presentation device, such as a PC or Apple TV device. It can be as simple as a pair of powered speakers positioned either side of a projection screen, or a sophisticated as a 7 channel surround sound system. We will look at the content you wish to deliver and how the presentation system is being used and then recommend the best products to achieve those requirements.

              Choosing the Voice Reinforcement – This refers to audio delivered from the people using the system. These can be static wired microphones or wireless systems. Walton Smart Solutions will consider how the audio is to be delivered and who will be using it before determining the best solution.

              Making the Right Choice – Walton Smart Solutions are able to provide the complete solution from design and modelling to a complete managed installation support service. When you want your message to be loud and clear you know you are in safe hands with us because it's what we do best.