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At Walton Smart Solutions, we work with some of the leading manufacturers such as Exterity, V-Brick, Encoded Media and Triple Play to allow us to select the right technology for you.

Choosing a System – Lecture Capture systems can be either software or hardware based. The systems can be simple as a webcam on top of a PC or a sophisticated installed system with camera tracking and voice re-enforcement. Walton Smart Solutions will work with you to choose the system which best suits your needs.

Choosing the Software – These can range from simple web servers to bespoke written software programs. Usually the systems are available in the cloud or loaded on to the clients existing network infrastructure. Walton Smart Solutions has the knowledge and experience to guide you in the right direction when choosing a software solution.

Choosing the Hardware – These usually consist of both the software and the servers to record and store the material. Recorded media is converted to media files such as MP4 or wmv and then published to dedicated servers. A video library is usually employed to index the recorded media and allow for the easy search of the material. This can usually be accessed via a web browser or dedicated software on a PC or mobile device.