1. Tricaster

            The ……..family of TriCaster products integrates everything you need into a single, elegant, cost-effective and easy-to-use system so you’ll never have to buy and install separate components. With TriCaster in your studio, school, business or mobile van, you’ll spend more time bringing your creative ideas to life, and less time worrying if things will actually work.

            Streaming Video

            With daily online video views now in the billions, it’s no longer a question of how to stream live video—it’s what you want to accomplish with your content. Look professional. Connect with an audience. Acquire new fans. Explore new revenue opportunities. The simplicity of NewTek live production solutions make the technology transparent, so you can focus on growing your business and your brand.

            Live Video Production

            Create a video program, with nearly limitless design, production, and distribution possibilities. Achieve your vision, whether it’s a newscast or a concert tour, school announcements or a major international sporting event. NewTek solutions allow everyone to take advantage of a full array of broadcasting capabilities to match your idea, from simple, to sophisticated—as well as your experience, crew, location, and budget.

            Multi-camera Switching

            Mix it up. Deliver impact with a variety of video sources, and keep your audience absorbed. Harness the power of on-camera action from a range of angles, plus computer displays, digital media players, and graphic and animation stores in the same system. NewTek live production solutions let you store ideas in every channel—and bring them to life at a touch.

            Bigger than Life Branding

            Create compelling visuals on any production, whether you want to elevate your program with a new signature look, convert humdrum camera changes into animated effects, or transform a small corner into a sweeping studio vista ... even moving backgrounds. Designed to bring professional impact and creativity to every video production, our comprehensive NewTek live production products and accessories provide the ultimate in high-quality production design.

            Stage, Screen and Sign Projection


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